You Deserve Reiki, Wichita — and beyond!

Why the funny name?


When I started on my Reiki path, it wasn’t about having a business in the future. I am glad today that I have this. But in the beginning, receiving a Reiki session and then embarking on learning the first level was about nothing more than self-care. It was about learning to take better care of myself through relaxation, whatever the route. Fortunately, I chose this route to relaxation and not something else like alcohol or drugs. Choosing Reiki was the beginning of my path to choose better. I was choosing self-care through this art because I knew I deserved better in life. I began this journey in 2012 knowing I needed to do better and take better care of myself. This was only the beginning!

As I learned to take better care of myself over time, I began to notice more and more how others around me were still choosing the same. I would see others continue to choose stressful ways of living without taking time out for themselves. Trust me when I say this — choosing self-care is the best way to take care of those around you. You have nothing to give your friends, family, spouse, clients, or coworkers when your well is empty. Go fill it.

When I started doing Reiki, I did sessions for free on friends and coworkers. I often did it on the fly because I didn’t purchase a table for a long time!


Then I started charging for Reiki. Those people I used to work on for free suddenly started coming up with all kinds of reasons as to why they didn’t have the money or time for a service they enjoyed. But there was one common denominator in all that. All my clients were telling me they were putting others’ needs first. Their Reiki sessions were coming last to household expenses or other time-consuming needs. I saw self-care being put last with a common thread — people weren’t making the time or budget to take care of themselves.

I saw an undercurrent of self-worth, or lack thereof, when it came to NOT booking sessions. I listened to one client rattle off excuses one day as to why they had to cancel. What I really heard was, “I don’t think I’m worth it but these 12 other things take precedence over taking care of myself.” It made me think to myself, “But you DESERVE Reiki.” And BOOM! A name was born.

This is why I call my business “You Deserve Reiki.”

You do deserve it. You are worth it. You deserve it. You deserve to take some time out of your week or month, be it a half hour or full hour — whatever you can afford. For some of my clients, Reiki time is quiet time. It’s their time to relax, nap, snore, chill, get quiet and let the magic happen. It’s an opportunity to reduce stress and we all deserve that.

Check into your self-worth. Do you feel you deserve self-care? Do you deserve one beautiful hour of of your schedule to lay on my table and receive energy? It will relax you, it can bring you to a state of bliss or peace. Whatever you want to call it!

When I receive energy work, I refer to it as me being able to lay back and “go to the zone.” It’s a place I go gently and quietly. I receive visions, signs, synchronicities, ideas, messages…I sometimes hit a meditative zone where my snoring wakes me up or my arm falls off the table to jolt me back to reality. I love that kind of relaxation. That’s what made me fall in love with Reiki in the first place! To be able to give that kind of bliss to others is priceless.

You won’t make it to my table to receive it if you don’t believe you deserve it. So trust that do.

~Heather Larson, Reiki Master

Wichita, Kansas

1-800-390-6495 or email to book a session or class! 

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