About Reiki

What Reiki Is

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique in which Heather channels life energy to your body. You may have heard it of it being called “qi” in China or “ki” in Japan. In India, it is called “prana.” Heather is able to act as a channel as she is attuned to Reiki energy by her Reiki masters through the Usui Reiki method.

Think of Reiki as a “laying on of hands” — but in a spiritual sense, not a religious one. Reiki is a spiritual practice and is not tied to any religion. It is suitable for people of all religions.

How Reiki May Affect You 

During the session, the Reiki energy will relax you. You may even fall asleep or close to it! Heather will look for imbalances in your energy body and will channel energy there through her hands. You may feel a light tingling or healing sensation. Every body is different and every session is different. Every hour session is at least an hour. (Half hour sessions also available!)

Energy affects everyone differently! You may sleep well the night after a Reiki session. You may not feel very much at all. It could shake up digestive disturbances. It could relax you, decrease pain, or de-stress you. The very least it will do is relax you. You may feel more energy or may feel tired like you need a nap.

For more on what Reiki is and what it can do, read a short blog post about that here

What Reiki Is Not 

Reiki is not a massage. It is a gentle laying on of hands technique. In the case of an injury or sensitivity, the laying on of hands is not necessary. Heather can deliver Reiki from a distance if needed.

Reiki is not a religion. It is a spiritual practice.

About Your Reiki Session 

Wear something comfortable, as Reiki is done on a massage table while clothed. Heather will use a variety of items to create an atmosphere and to enhance your Reiki session:

  • candles
  • essential oils
  • incense
  • crystals and stones
  • Tibetan singing bowl
  • music
  • affirmations
  • prayer if requested

Please let her know if you are allergic to cats (she has one) or if you have a sensitivity to smells (incense or candles are not necessary). Create an intention or let her know about problem areas if you wish. Sometimes Heather will receive intuitive feedback to share with you as she works on you. She will share what she sees, but it’s up to you to interpret it in a way that makes sense to you. You can choose to talk and ask questions during your session or you can completely zone out. It’s always OK to stay in silent meditation or contemplation. You always have the option of simply falling into a peaceful sleep!

1-800-390-6495 or email youdeservereiki@gmail.com to book a session or class! 


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