A Reiki Experiment: Do “learn Reiki online” products really work?

I’m a traditionalist. I was taught Reiki live and in person. I didn’t even ponder learning Reiki from a YouTube video, DVD set, CD set, book, etc. I wanted to experience Reiki with others. I wanted to learn from others. I always will.

I realize there are many who say you can learn Reiki from them –attunements and all– to become a practitioner online or through DVDs or CD sets they sell. To each his own. I don’t criticize anyone for going this route. I do realize some people are naturally in touch with energy and I think some people just inherently know how to do this or grow this gift.

Personally, I will only attune people in person. I am not going to try to teach you Reiki in any other way than in person. I believe strongly that this is an art handed down in a lineage from teacher to student. That is how Reiki was given to me; that’s how I shall give it to others. This is according to my personal experience.

A friend of mine decided long ago to learn in the “learn-at-home” manner. She’s got the Reiki symbols and all the academic knowledge of Reiki. But she simply lacks the attunement — or did, until yesterday yesterday afternoon when I gave it to her.

Her immediate reaction after was, “Wow, that is completely different!” I’d say she went from being on backup generator power to full power during that attunement!

So she’s an experiment. Since she learned Reiki on her own without receiving a traditional attunement she can tell us what the difference is now that she’s received the real thing from me. She’s planning to hone her Reiki I skills, like using self-Reiki for a while and she will let us know how it goes.

Photo on 9-16-14 at 3.24 PM #2

This is me, posing in our Reiki therapy room at White Dove, 2947 E. Kellogg, in Wichita. Call us anytime at 262-DOVE! 

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